3 Ways To Make Your Home More Personal To You

To me, the best homes are the ones that are a comfortable extension of the person living there.  It’s fun to walk into someone’s home and learn more about them just by what they have chosen to display.  Those little personal touches are instant conversation starters.

So I thought this guest post, with simple ways to create a more personalized home, would be a fun one to share.

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3 Ways To Make Your Home More Personal To You

There are many things that you might want to be able to say about your own home, but probably the most important is that you want your home to be a reflection of you – to be as personal to you as possible.

If it is not personal to you, if it looks and feels like just about anybody could be living there, then you are just not going to enjoy it as much. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to ensure that you can make your home personal to you and, as long as you are focused on these, you should be able to make your home a much happier place overall.

So let’s take a look at three of the best ways to make your home more personal to you.

Custom Design

One of the simplest ways, of course, is to put some thought and effort into customizing your home’s design. It’s easier than you might assume, yet the effect it will have is truly profound.

After all, it is going to mean that there is no other home in the world which is exactly like yours. A good way to start is to consider transforming the look of your home with custom paint and glass.   The impact of fresh paint and new windows can be truly amazing.  And, when you have those basic elements in place, they can serve as inspiration for personalizing your decor.  

Personalized Decor

Of course, it is also hugely important to make sure that you have a lot of personal reminders scattered throughout your home.  This will make it much easier to feel that your home really is a place for you and your family. It might simply mean displaying photos of friends, family, or even pets.  Or it might mean including those special little items that remind you of different times in your life – or the travels that you have been on. 

Consider displaying your child’s art work – or perhaps something that you have been collecting.  Think about bringing in a few house plants to soften the look – or simply a few flowers from your garden. 

You also might try rotating just a few decor items so that your home has a fresh look each season – without a lot of work on your part.

Comfortable Atmosphere

We’ve covered customizing your home’s design and personalizing its decor.  But what really makes for a happy home – the glue that holds it all together – is of course comfort.  More than anything else, creating a comfortable atmosphere will make you feel that your home is personal to you.  Think color, texture, lighting, fragrance.  And don’t forget the more practical considerations:  Room function, traffic flow, and temperature.  Creating a comfortable atmosphere is actually simple enough, and it’s mostly a case of ensuring that the way you live in your space – with whoever you live with – is a peaceful and engaged one.

That is going to make a huge difference indeed.

However you do it, personalizing your home will make you and your family happy to come home after a long day.


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