5 Ideas For Making Your Back Yard More Enjoyable

Hopefully some day in the not-too-distant future, we will be able to safely enjoy outdoor entertaining again in our back yards.  But in the meantime, many of us are using our back yards as safe and peaceful havens.

This post, brought to me by a guest writer, has some excellent suggestions for making our back yards more enjoyable for entertaining – and for ourselves.

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5 Ideas For Making Your Back Yard More Enjoyable

There’s no denying that most people enjoy spending time outdoors during the warmer months of the year. The summer months are excellent for hosting social events like barbecues, pool parties, and more.  

Your home’s back yard can also be an excellent place to simply relax, unwind, and enjoy some solitude from the world. But what if your back yard needs a little improvement?

Check out these inspirational ideas to get you started:

1. Gazebo

While it’s great to soak up the sun during the warmer months of the year, you’ll still wish to have some shade during the hottest days. One way to achieve that goal and simultaneously make your garden Insta-worthy is by getting a gazebo installed.

You can have a freestanding gazebo near your house or in the middle of your garden. Or, you might want a gazebo attached to one of your garden walls. Apart from providing shade from the sun, gazebos are good shelters during sudden showers on a summer’s day.

2. Swimming Pool

If you have a large garden, you might balk at the thought of having to maintain it all. What if there were a way to cut down on the amount of lawn you’d need to maintain while also providing a place to frolic and enjoy social time with your family and friends?

The solution, of course, is a swimming pool. Your new pool design can incorporate any kind of layout that meets your needs. You could even include a separate spa area.

3. Deck

Do you wish you had an area outside your back door that was level, aesthetically pleasing, and suitably sized for outdoor furniture? If the answer is yes, you should consider having a decked area installed.

A deck is typically made from treated timber and is sometimes known as “decking.” You can further beautify your deck area with recessed LED lights, some charming plants and flowers in pots, and even a pergola.

4. Hot Tub

If a swimming pool isn’t something you’d use enough, perhaps what you should instead consider is having a hot tub installed. Hot tubs allow people to relax and unwind, and some models with powerful jets (i.e., Jacuzzis) that will even massage your body as you sit in them.

Did you know that you can use hot tubs throughout the year – not just in the summer months? It might seem like a strange concept, but it can be great relaxing in a hot tub and enjoying a clear sky in winter! 

5. Playsets and Play Houses

If the kids are happy, the adults are happy. And then everyone has a good time. 

You could have a natural wood playset installed in your back yard and incorporate a treehouse. Consider what your child’s changing needs might be as the years progress – and perhaps even consider how, after your child outgrows it, you might be able to repurpose that play house into something you can use for yourself.

Playsets come in various configurations; the only things that might limit what you can do are your imagination and your budget!

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