5 Small Steps To Prepare For Living in a Tiny Home

Most of the time, I am very happy with my home.  But sometimes, I feel the weight of all my possessions:  So many things to take care of, to maintain.  So much “stuff.”  I am not the only one feeling this way, and I can see how the tiny house movement has gained so much traction.

But would a tiny house really work for me and my spouse?  I sometimes wonder.  So I appreciated this post, brought to me by a guest writer, which offers food for thought on determining if tiny house living is right for you.

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5 Small Steps To Prepare For Living In A Tiny Home

So you’re considering a move to a tiny home. The thought of a simpler and more efficient living space can be very appealing.  And there are many benefits to small space living, including saving money and having easier home maintenance.

But a move towards a more minimalist living situation can be very difficult, so you have to be prepared. If you’ve been playing around with the idea of moving into a tiny home, here are five things you can do to prepare yourself.

1. Experience The Lifestyle 

Even if you feel you’re ready to move into a tiny home now, it would be very wise to test the waters first – to experience what tiny home living really looks and feels like. Sites like Airbnb have listings for tiny homes, so you can start small by spending a couple of days or weeks in homes like these.

That way, you’ll know whether this is truly the lifestyle choice for you. It is much better to get a taste of tiny home living and decide that it’s not for you than to make a permanent move to a tiny home and find out later that this form of living doesn’t work for you.

2.  Declutter Your Home

Another thing you can do to prepare yourself for living in a tiny house is to tidy up your current home, from the kitchen to the attic. This process basically involves getting rid of anything in your home that isn’t an absolute necessity, or any items that no longer serve you.

You can start by going through your closet and removing every article of clothing that doesn’t fit anymore or that you haven’t worn in a long time.

This might empower you to go through the entire decluttering process in the rest of your home. As much as letting go of things can be difficult, it can also be very freeing, and it is a good way to prepare yourself for living in a home with a limited amount of space.

3.  Find A Community

When it comes to tiny home living, a community is everything. And as the tiny home movement continues to grow, finding a supportive tiny home community should not be much of a challenge.

Friends and family might not understand your reasons for wanting to transition to tiny home living.  They might give you advice based on their own limited knowledge.  But a good community of people who already understand the challenges and rewards of making such a decision can encourage you and guide you throughout the process. Good places to start in finding a tiny home community include Facebook, online forums, and blogs.

4.  Define Your Space

Defining your space is another way to test whether tiny home living is really right for you – because, in tiny homes, every square inch is crucial. It’s very important to have an efficient floorplan.  Start by defining the spaces in your current home that you use the most. Which spaces could you absolutely not do without? And which spaces could you consolidate? Do as much research as you can on space-saving floor plans and innovations.  By having a clear vision of the types of spaces you will actually use, you can design a tiny home that will accommodate your specific lifestyle.

5.  Plan Your Move

If you’ve done your research and are now confident that this is what you want, it may be time to start planning plan your move: Find a suitable property to build on, interview contractors about the development and building of your new home, arrange a moving service – such as  the North American Van Lines, and donate unnecessary items to charity.

And then get ready for a change in lifestyle.


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