5 Ways To Make Your Home Run Efficiently

Many of us create systems for running our homes efficiently without even realizing we are doing it.  Most of the systems I have in place in my home evolved over time and simply came out of necessity – and out of my fondness for routine.  But lately I’ve come to realize that my method for creating household systems has almost always been reactive rather than proactive.  And things would probably run more smoothly if I turned that around.

So, today’s guest post addresses how we can create systems for better managing our homes.

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5 Ways To Make Your Home Run Efficiently

Having the right systems in place to run your home efficiently can save you a lot of time – and stress.  In fact, the busier the household, the more important efficient housekeeping systems become.  But setting up systems that work for you and your family often takes a little trial and error. 

So, let’s take a look at a few ideas that can inspire you.

1.  Create A Cleaning Schedule

Sit down with your family and develop a schedule for household chores.  Start by asking everyone to volunteer for the chores that interest them – or that they excel at.  Create a recurring chore checklist so everyone knows what is expected on a weekly basis.  Family members can feel good about checking their chores off the list.  

Remember to include incentives and rewards.  Once all the chores are done, maybe it’s time for a fun family outing – or to rent that movie that everyone has been wanting to see. 

2.  Develop Meal Plans

Next up, you’ll want to plan ahead for the meals that you’re making. Grocery shopping and cooking can be a lot of work, so planning your weekly meal rotation can make both tasks much easier for you. By having a meal plan, your food-related chores become more efficient – and enjoyable.


3.  Control Clutter

When you declutter and everything has a place, you’ll find that your home feels much more serene. 

Here again is a chance to enlist your family’s help.  Find out what everyone needs (for example, storage boxes or shelving) in order to organize their possessions.  Children often want to help declutter, but they don’t know where to begin.  

Family members may not want to part with their possessions – even if they have no further use for them.  Explain to children that the toys or clothes they have outgrown can be given away to children who can still use them and will be happy to get them.

Creating zones in your home will also help control clutter.  For example, consider creating a “no shoes” zone or a “no dirty plates” zone.  Designate the areas in your home in which toys are welcomed.  If adults are working from home, designate areas where paperwork is allowed (for example, home offices) and where it is not appropriate (for example, kitchen countertops).

4.  Find Reliable Service Providers

One important part of running a household efficiently is to keep a list of reliable service professionals.  That way, when an urgent home maintenance issue does arise, you are not scrambling to find help – you already know who to call.  Whether you need a good handyman, a pest control expert, or to get car parts delivered by a certain time, already knowing who to call will save valuable time and prevent situations from escalating into emergencies.

5.  Adopt Better Habits

Often it’s the little things that can make you feel good about how you run your household.  Consider adopting small habits, like cleaning out the fridge on set days, making your bed every morning, or even selecting and laying out your clothes in the evening to wear the following day.  These small steps can really help lift your spirits and move you through your day more efficiently.

Sometimes running your home can feel like a full-time job.  But, when you’re able to streamline chores and make them easier, you can relax and better enjoy your home life. 

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