7 Upcycle Projects That Helped Me Get Organized

I love working on upcycle projects because they breathe new life into objects that might otherwise end up in the landfill.  I also love getting organized.  So, when an upcycle project actually helps me get organized, I know it’s a winner.

If you’ve been visiting my blog for a while, you probably know about my most recent upcycle project – where my husband and I took an old dresser and two salvage shop kitchen cabinets and turned them into built-ins for my dressing room.

Those built-ins made it easy to organize that room.

So today I’m rummaging through the attic of this blog and pulling out some of my older posts about upcycle projects that helped me get organized.

Before we start, I must warn you that some of my early photography was pretty horrendous.  But I’m going to show you anyway.

Okay, let’s see . . . ah, here’s a good one to start with.

1.  DIY Shoe Storage Upgrade

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We took a small bookshelf and converted it into much-needed shoe storage for our mudroom.

A small bookshelf converted to shoe storage


2. A Vintage-Inspired Laundry Hamper From An Old Lamp Shade

This laundry hamper project required a little sewing, but if was fun and easy.

A vintage-inspired laundry hamper made with the frame of an old lamp shade

This hamper now sits in our recently-remodeled laundry room.

3.  Jewelry Organizers From Old Frames

This idea has been around for a long time.  But these jewelry organizers were fun to make – and they were a great way to use my vintage button collection.

Jewelry organizers made with upcycled frames



4.  A New Life For An Old Trailer Sink

In this project, we repurposed an old trailer sink into a much-needed potting bench sink for my greenhouse.

An old trailer sink gets a new home in this potting bench.

It has a water source and a very simple and practical way to drain.

Having this sink really helps me keep the greenhouse in order, and I use it all the time.

5.  An Old Stereo Cabinet Converted To A Liquor Cabinet

My husband, Chris, did this elegant conversion.  I always admire his attention to detail.

An Old Stereo Cabinet Converted To a Liquor Cabinet

Now there is a handy place for everything.


6.  A Chalkboard From An Old Cabinet Door

We simply couldn’t chuck this cute old cabinet door that was original to our house, so I turned it into a chalkboard for our kitchen.  We use it every day to keep track of our grocery needs.

This post also talks about a couple of mystery chambers that we found during our laundry room remodel.  Old houses hold many secrets!

7.  Kitchen Storage With A Vintage Twist

I still can’t believe that I found this vintage cabinet for only $5 at a garage sale.  Sprucing it up and tucking it into an underused kitchen corner helped me get my serveware organized.



Thanks for helping me sort through my blog’s attic today.  My plan is to continue to organize the attic, so I’ll be posting more roundups from time to time.

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