8 Home Maintenance Tasks That You Shouldn’t Ignore

Home maintenance might not be an exciting topic, but it’s definitely an important one.  And it is with that in mind that I bring you today’s guest post.

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8 Home Maintenance Tasks That You Shouldn’t Ignore

Most of us want the home to be as well-maintained as possible, and there are many tasks to keep in mind. You might be able to put off some tasks, at least for a while. But there are those issues which you simply can’t ignore, either because they are genuinely dangerous or because leaving them could cause significant further damage to your home.

In this post, we are going to look at some examples of the second kind. These are all maintenance tasks that you need to ensure you keep on top of to keep your home from becoming unsafe or to prevent decay. Let’s take a look at what you can do about them.

1.  Air Filters And Vents

Any air filters you have in the equipment in your home need to be checked regularly to ensure that they don’t cause problems in the long run. A clogged or faulty air filter can lead to a fire in the most extreme cases or, at the very least, have a negative impact on your home’s air quality. 

As well as clearing out those filters, check out any vents your home might have. Not every property has them but, if yours does, it’s important to keep them clean and free of debris.  If you’re not able to safely do this yourself, it’s easy to hire professional help.

2.  Air Conditioning

Not all homes have an air conditioning system but, if yours does, then maintaining it is one of the major maintenance tasks that you need to stay on top of. Air conditioning machines require a regular clean-out (this is one area where you might have air filters and vents to look into) to ensure that they are functioning properly and not causing problems for the home in general. There is also the fact that a faulty air con unit is likely to use more energy than necessary, reducing its efficiency. Schedule someone to come and check your air conditioning at least every few months, if possible.

3.  Fire Extinguishers

You should have at least one or two fire extinguishers around the home.  It’s important to ensure that your fire extinguishers are actually operating properly and that you can access them easily at all times. Check the hose to see if it looks cracked or worn – if it does, replace it. Also check the pressure gauge, and replace or fix as necessary. It’s a good idea to check your fire extinguishers on a monthly basis.

4.  Windows

Windows don’t require all that much care. But there are a few things to bear in mind. For starters, you should clean them regularly inside and out. This helps to avoid a build-up of grime. Of course, if you find that any of them have developed cracks or breaks, you need to arrange for a replacement window Installation immediately. Leaving it any longer than necessary means putting your home and your family at real risk, so this is something you are going to want to stay on top of as best you can.

5.  Water Pressure

You will probably know straight away if there is a problem with your water pressure. For one thing, it normally results in your shower not functioning properly. You might also notice a difference when you turn on a tap elsewhere, such as in the kitchen, and you might have trouble with your heating system if it is water-based. If you think water pressure is an issue in your home, you should get a plumber to come and take a look. Often, the solution is simple, but an expert is generally required to ensure it doesn’t happen again in the near future.

6.  Cleaning The Refrigerator

If you have ever waited too long to clean your fridge, you already know that it can be something of a problem. For one thing, it tends to result in a pretty bad smell coming from the kitchen, and that can make things quite unpleasant. More to the point, you could be eating food which has bacteria on it, which might be harming your health. Be sure to clean the refrigerator regularly, emptying it out and giving it a proper deep clean every couple of weeks. 

7.  Sealing Cracks

If you have cracks in your walls, you need to do your best to stay on top of it. It’s as simple as sealing the cracks as best as you can, which is often best done with sealant of your choice or caulk. However you choose to do it, the main point is that you do it properly, and that you are doing it regularly enough to avoid the problem returning too easily. This helps fight against mold and structural problems, so it’s an important thing to be aware of in general.

8.  Check Appliances

All of the appliances in your home need to be checked regularly too. There are many issues that might crop up with them, so this is something you need to stay on top of. As long as you check them regularly, you should be able to keep problems from becoming worse – and even prevent them from happening. 

Every home has its unique needs and challenges, so the above list is by no means complete.  It’s a good idea to always be observant of any maintenance issues in your home and fix small problems before they become big ones.

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