A DIY Cake Stand for Holiday Entertaining

I was shopping recently with my mom, Erika, and we ran across a beautiful red metal footed cake stand that I just loved.  I prefer to buy vintage or handmade when I can, but this cake stand was new and mass produced.

So my shoulder devil started arguing with my shoulder angel, saying I should just go ahead and buy it.  But then Mom’s voice cut through the clamor.

“You could make your own.”

So I gave it a try.

A Visit to the Thrift Stores

Originally, the plan was to use a metal candlestick for the base and the lid of a cookie tin for the platter.  But I ran across a small metal flower pot at a thrift store.  Used upside down, it would be a nice stable base for the cake stand.  Price:  69 cents.

I wrote off the cookie tin lid idea after realizing that most are not big enough.  So at a second thrift store, I found a round metal platter that would do nicely.  Price:  $2.39.

DIY cake stand using a flower pot and a vintage metal platter

Painting the Cake Stand

I used two Rust-Oleum paints that I already had on hand.

For the base and for the top of the platter, I used Rust-Oleum Gold Rush Metallic.  It has a vintage appeal and is the same spray paint that my husband, Chris, used when he spruced up the heat registers in our 1927 house.

For  a little contrast, I used good old Rust-Oleum Satin Heirloom White to paint the underside of the platter.  It’s same color I used to paint this hose basket for my greenhouse and this serving tray.

A little Super Glue held the two pieces together.

The Result

The cake stand looks nothing like the red one I originally fell in love with.  But my Frankenstein monster cake stand is unique.  And I can use it for many things:  Cakes, cookies, appetizers.  Elevated food stands really add a festive touch to a buffet table.

DIY cake stand

Of course I do not trust the surface to be food safe.  I will use either a plate or some parchment paper with the stand.

DIY cake stand

So I’m safe from my shoulder devil – for now.


I could spend all day looking at all the beautiful vintage and handmade cake stands on Etsy.  These are especially charming.

RoxyHeartVintage cake stands

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