Holiday Reading

Year of the Angels

Ever wish you could travel back in time to experience an old-world Christmas? Then Year of the Angels, by Erika Madden, might just be for you.

Angels cover

This historical fiction novel is based on Erika’s childhood memories.  The story begins on Christmas Eve 1944 and ends on Christmas Eve 1945.  But it’s what happens between these two Christmases that make the novel so fascinating.

The story takes place in a small town in Bavaria during World War II and is softly told from a child’s perspective.  The Lindner family’s love for one another sees them through the war’s hardships and heartbreak.

Because Erika’s childhood memories are so bittersweet and vivid, her novel pulls the reader right in to the middle of this difficult but simpler time.  It makes us all appreciate what we have now, although at the end you might not want to leave 1940s Bavaria.

This novel is especially powerful for me because Erika is my mother, and the novel is based in part on my family history.  It’s not like any war story you’ve ever read before.

Dieter c. 1939 (2)

Mom and dieter

Cries from the Fifth Floor

Erika’s most recent novel, Cries from the Fifth Floor, is a paranormal thriller – a suspenseful joy ride through the best and worst of New York City.  The Big Apple is still a place where dreams can come true for one small town girl – as long as she listens to the voices in her head!


This novel is so much fun because the main character is a strong woman who evolves personally as the story progresses.

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