Beauty Under Glass – a Camellia Centerpiece

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Anything looks more beautiful in a glass case, and floral arrangements under glass make any flower look like a precious gem.  I recently made this simple centerpiece to showcase a few garden-variety camellia blossoms.

My Issues With Camellias

I must disclose at the outset that I have issues with camellias in general.  Here in the Pacific Northwest, they start to bloom about now and the blossoms look perfect and gorgeous – until it rains and they immediately turn to mush.  And around here, that doesn’t take long.

The blossoms then fall off the plants to create a mushy mess on the ground.

So the best way to enjoy the blossoms is to bring some inside before all this happens.

But as cut flowers, they are delicate and bruise easily.  Maybe that is why I thought them appropriate for an arrangement where their fragile beauty would be protected under glass.

The Supplies

For this centerpiece, I used a vintage Teleflora footed bowl, a small glass cheese dome, and a small floral frog.

Camellia centerpieces - the supplies

For the natural elements, I used camellia blossoms, a few sprigs of Lemon Cypress (‘Wilma Goldcrest’) and some floral moss.

How to Arrange It

The cypress and the camellias were arranged using the frog which was placed in a small plastic condiment container.

frog closeup
Small plastic container with floral frog inside.

The camellia blossoms were placed at an angle, almost horizontally, and the cypress sprigs were arranged in the middle.

Then the condiment container was filled with water to serve as a  bowl.

Then it was placed in the middle of the footed Teleflora bowl and the moss was tucked around the perimeter.  By using this “bowl within a bowl” method, I could keep the floral moss dry so it can be used in future arrangements.

Camellia centerpieces - closeup

Then the cheese dome was placed on top.  Instant cuteness, and so easy.  Camellias don’t have an especially long life as a cut flower, so I will enjoy this while I can.

Camellia centerpieces


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2 Replies to “Beauty Under Glass – a Camellia Centerpiece”

  1. We can’t grow Camellias here, but I saw them about 4 years ago when I visited the Carolinas and they are gorgeous! It’s too bad they don’t last long. Glad you captured one and made this beautiful arrangement! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

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