Color Tip: Go Bold and Have Fun with Garden Structures

Our Craigslist Find

After we removed a large dead shrub from our yard, we decided that a small garden structure would be perfect in its place.  This is the nice little used potting shed we found on Craigslist. We had it delivered from Eastern Washington via flatbed truck.


Garden structures: Potting shed before paint
Potting shed shortly after its arrival – before paint and new roof.

The unpainted, slightly weathered wood must have looked charming among the dry prairie grasses and sage bushes of Eastern Washington, but it looked wrong for our garden.  And with the months of rain we get in Seattle, it was only a matter of time before the wood became a host for that ugly black algae that thrives here, leading to a fair amount of maintenance.  Been there, done that.

Fun with Paint Colors

I considered painting the shed the same color as our house and garage, but this little guy needed more personality to really pop.  And since it was set away from the house and garage, painting it a different color would work.

At the time, I was obsessed with a color that fell somewhere between Chartreuse green and apple green.  A color I called “snappy green.”  I wanted that color on everything!  Of course, it is a color to be used with some restraint.  But outside among all the other greens, it’s actually neutral.  It’s fresh yet sophisticated.

Garden structures: Potting shed with paint and new roof
Potting shed with paint and new roof

After Chris painted the shed, it was re-roofed with a color that would play well with the snappy green. A skylight was added to the back of the roof to provide natural light.  A trip to the salvage shop netted some large concrete blocks that made a good front stoop.

There are many other strong colors that would have worked just as well on this little structure.

Work the paint color into your garden design

One thing to keep in mind if you try something like this is that you might want to make the strong color the “signature color” for all your major garden structures and furniture so that it ties the prominent man-made features of your garden together into a unified look.  For more details on this idea, see my post on finding a signature garden color.

In the meantime, I will leave you with a few images of the interior after Chris installed a potting bench, small shelves and a simple tool rack.

Garden Tool Rack: garden structures
Garden Tool Rack
Priscilla with Shelves
Fun vintage finds
Fun vintage finds
Potting Bench: garden structures
Potting Bench


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Here are some fun vintage items on Etsy similar to those in our shed, plus some Shaker brooms that are not only attractive but great for tricky garden tasks like sweeping leaves out of gravel walkways.

00 shed box with tools 00 shed brooms 00 shed cultivator 00 shed level 00 shed stool 00shed washbaord


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4 Replies to “Color Tip: Go Bold and Have Fun with Garden Structures”

  1. Amazing ideas Heidi. You are so creative. I can’t wait to get home and paint my outdoor table that is white and rusty and bench that sit’s close by!

  2. Love your shed and that snappy green color! What a great color for your garden. I am contemplating painting my shed too but haven’t decided on a color scheme quite yet..but it will definitely be a shade of green with some red toned accents. Thanks for the inspiration!

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