Cute Rustic Burlap Plant Wraps

When I’m giving a small plant as a gift, I often use this easy burlap wrap idea to “pretty up” the ordinary plastic container that the plant comes in.  It’s an attractive and budget-friendly alternative to a ceramic overpot.

Budget-Friendly Materials

First I choose a plant in a square, 4-inch container.  I can usually get away with purchasing an inexpensive starter plant from a home and garden store.  As long as the plant is attractive, that’s all that matters.

Then I just scare up some burlap, heavyweight plastic, cotton lace trim (sold by the yard at fabric stores), vintage buttons, and a needle and thread.


It also helps to have an empty 4-inch pot to use as a template/placeholder while making these wraps.

Rounding up the supplies is really the most time-consuming part.  The rest is very simple.

The How-To

I cut a circle of burlap in a 10-inch diameter.  To make it easy, I just trace around a 10-inch dinner plate.  I know it seems counterintuitive to wrap a square pot with a round piece of fabric, but I have found it works well.

Then I cut an 8-inch circle of the plastic using a round salad plate as a template.  The plastic will serve as a liner so water from the pot drains into the plastic instead of soaking the burlap (although, as a word of caution, the pot could leak even with the plastic liner).

I center the plastic on top of the burlap and the pot on top of the plastic as shown in the photo.

burlap, plastic and pot

Then I fold the burlap up on each of the four sides, securing each side with a binder clip.  Large paper clips would probably work just as well.

clips holding burlap

With the fabric held in place with the clips, it’s easy to wrap the lace trim around the burlap, folding the burlap attractively at the corners as I go.

Then I cut the trim to size, pin it in place, and remove the clips and the plastic pot.

I overlap ends of the trim a little bit and secure them to the burlap with a few stitches.  Then I stitch a button over the trim to cover the seam.

Then I can set the plant into the burlap wrap, being careful to keep the plastic in position.

Baby tears in burlap wrapper
Baby tears in burlap wrapper with cotton lace trim and vintage button

And the cute, rustic little plant wrap is finished.  I recently made several of these, and it didn’t take much time.

Lots of Possibilities

This wrap has many variations.  Say you don’t want to sew on a button or do any stitching.  Here is a very simple alternative.

Calibrachoa in burlap
Calibrachoa in burlap

Or maybe you want something prettier than clear plastic as a lining.   Try using colored cellophane cut in a square instead of a circle.

burlap and cellophane
Burlap and cellophane pot wrapper

This way, the cellophane shows over the burlap and adds a touch of color.

And for a cute look that any gardener can relate to, try wrapping the burlap with garden twine instead of ribbon.

geranium in burlap
Geranium start in a burlap/twine wrapper

The burlap might fray a little where it’s been cut.  I never bother to do anything about this except remove any loose fibers.  Since these wraps look slouchy and imperfect anyway, I think the fraying just adds to the charm.

Burlap-wrapped plants are a great gift for any holiday.  They are also an easy hostess gift and make nice guest gifts for a party or reception.



Cutting burlap is easy with my Fiskars fabric scissors.  Amazon offers a wide range of Fiskars fabric scissors and shears.

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  1. I think Burlap is the best because It’s not expensive So anybody can use it. It’s handy and easy to use. Otherwise, It’s a Ecofriendly product.

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