Dan’s Workshop

I jokingly call my brother Dan “The Mad Scientist” because he is always working on some quirky and creative home improvement project that no one else would dream of.  Many of his projects are steampunk inspired, but to me they look classier – dressed down and simplified.

The end result is always beautiful, and if I pester him enough, I can usually get Dan to share his projects with us here at My Sweet Cottage.

He’s shared some fun and inspirational projects, so I put this page together, called Dan’s Workshop, as a place where we can go to check them out.

The first project he shared with me was the stunning dining room remodel that he worked on with his wife, Maura.  They lifted their dining room out of a drab 1960s remodel and took it to a better place.

DIning room after

Then he made some rustic lights for my new greenhouse.  They were exactly what I wanted.

greenhouse light

And for his own garage, he created his own vintage barn light – for a bargain price.

vintage barn light

Dan helped us in many ways with our laundry room remodel – including building this beautiful custom corner cabinet.

Then Dan shared this beautiful DIY garage rebuild, which he did with reclaimed materials.


Most recently, Dan worked on rebuilding a salvage shop find:  This vintage fire extinguisher.  He took if from grimy to gorgeous – and then gave it to me for my birthday!  Check it out – you will not believe what this fire extinguisher used to look like.


And I’m sure that as I type this, Dan is either dreaming up a new project or already working on one.  So stay tuned.


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