Decorating with Vintage Glass

It wasn’t fun coming home after our recent trip to Hawaii.  Cold mornings, wearing layers again, drab gray days.  I missed all the color and the tropical foliage.

I was tempted to add some tropical decor to our living room.  But in the middle of winter, and here in the Pacific Northwest, that wouldn’t look right.

So I opted for a subtle, airy botanical look with a limited color palette.  And to keep it interesting, I used vintage glass containers.

Glass and the Weak Winter Sun

One advantage to using glass in winter decor is that it reflects and amplifies natural light.  And in winter, we need all the natural light we can get.

Patron bottle as found in a thrift store.
Sunlight in a bottle? A thrift store Patron bottle and a vintage flower frog capture the morning sun.

Shopping My Own House

Of course, another advantage to using vintage glass for decor is that it’s inexpensive and easy to find.  I had some stashed around my house:  Bottles, flower frogs, and a glass float.

My husband Chris always has cool stuff I can use.  (He is quick to remind me that I sometimes call his cool stuff “junk” until I find it useful.)

This time he had some vintage kerosene lamps.

Vintage kerosene lamp

One of them was missing the glass shade, but I liked it better without one.

Vintage kerosene lamp

A Variety of Foliage

I used a combination of artificial foliage and live plants in clay pots.

Decorating with vintage glass


Decorating with vintage glass


Decorating with vintage glass


Decorating with vintage glass

I’m surprised at how this little bit of glass decor has livened up our living room.  And, since it’s so affordable and easy to come by, I’ll be keeping my eyes open for new pieces.  It would be fun to try denser layers and collections of glass during the winter months.


About Kerosene Lamps

Disclosure: Affiliate links are used below.

Before electricity, kerosene lamps were an essential source of light in many homes.  But if tipped over, they could become the source of disastrous fires.  Today, we can appreciate their vintage charm without having to rely on them for light.

In the right setting, a carefully chosen kerosene lamp can become art.  And as a collectible, they are still very affordable – and plentiful.  A search on Etsy turns up a treasure trove of kerosene lamps.

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