An Easy DIY Hanging Garden Sphere

The Inspiration

This past February, while Mom and I were strolling the marketplace at the annual Northwest Flower and Garden Festival, we came across a booth that had these hanging garden spheres by

Hanging garden spheres by


They really appealed to me.  What a unique alternative to a hanging basket!  And they were so simple and classic that they would look great in almost any garden setting.

Unfortunately I had already spent my limit at the marketplace, so I took the photo hoping that I could find a budget-friendly way to reproduce the sphere.

I can tell you right now that I didn’t – not entirely anyway.  But I did come up with something very fun, affordable, and simple to put together.


The Materials

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I was hoping to use bare metal wire cages and apply the same rust technique that I used on these soup cans to get the a similar patina.

But the bargain hunter in me could not resist the $5 apiece metal baskets that I found at a local discount store.  They even came with their own coconut liners.  But they had a black vinyl coating, so the rust technique would not work on them.  Black they would stay!

Hanging baskets with coconut liners.

I took the coconut lining out of one basket – the basket that would serve as the “top half” of the sphere.

I left the lining in the other basket – the basket that would serve as the “bottom half.”  (I did trim the lining down a bit as it seemed too large).  This “bottom half” would contain soil and plants.

Then, just to help with water retention for the plants, I fitted the inside of the coconut lining with a layer of landscape fabric.

I covered the outside of the coconut lining with sheet moss.

Prepping the hanging basket.
Prepping the bottom half.

I didn’t have one large piece of sheet moss to use, so I just layered a few of the sheet moss scraps that I had onhand.

Then I added potting soil and, because the sphere would be hanging in part shade,  I planted it with New Guinea impatiens and baby tears.

Bottom half completed



Building the Sphere

So how would I fasten the two halves together?  And preferably with something that I could easily reopen?  I pondered this for some time before realizing that the chains on the baskets already had clips that would work perfectly.

I removed the chain from the “top half” basket.  That chain would not be needed.

I kept the chain on the “bottom half” basket.

Then I just attached the “top half” to the “bottom half” with the fastening clips from that chain.

This photo explains it better than I can.

The two sphere halves clipped together with the chain fasteners from the bottom half.


Voila!  I had my sphere.

DIY hanging garden sphere.

I’d lined up the two halves so that the wire patterns of each mirrored one another.

Now I have a strange and unique “globe” hanging on my front porch.

DIY hanging garden sphere.

It hangs at eye level from a large S-hook.

DIY hanging garden sphere

It’s early in the season, and the plants I used are still small.  So right now, the shape of the sphere is the main attraction.

To read an update of how this sphere did over the summer, click here.  To say the least, we had a few surprises.  But they were good ones!

I’ll be using this sphere for another purpose when the holidays roll around.  So stay tuned.

And as long as you’re here, hop over and check out my brother’s beautiful budget DIY garage rebuild using reclaimed materials.  I’m so proud of him!

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14 Replies to “An Easy DIY Hanging Garden Sphere”

  1. I love the hanging sphere idea looks so interesting and pretty. Great idea!
    Happy spring, Kippi
    Ps. Please share at You’re The Star blog hop on my blog.

  2. Heidi , what a brilliant idea. I have to try this! I think I am going to pair a new guinea with some potato vine. It might look quite funky.
    Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. Love this! I have a whole bunch of these baskets and haven’t been using them. Now I will! Now to find plants……..awww, what a shame, I’ll have to go buy some.

    Saw you on the You’re the Star blog hop. 🙂

  4. Oh, I love this idea, Heidi! I just saw these baskets at our local dollar store. Gosh, I hope they are still there. Thanks for sharing with us at the Talk Of The Town party! Pinned 🙂

    1. I just put my sphere out again this year – this time was an exotic fern inside for a more woodsy look that highlights the round shape of the sphere. It looks great!

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