Eight Simple Home Refresh Ideas for Spring

It is the first official day of spring as I write this, and each year I try to make an effort to do at least some spring cleaning.  So far this year, I’ve gotten as far as printing a spring cleaning checklist.  It’s currently pinned to our kitchen bulletin board where it’s hard to ignore – hard but not impossible.

But spring is about more than just cleaning.  All we have to do is observe nature to be reminded that spring is really about having a fresh start.  It’s time to open the windows and let the fresh air in.

So today I’m sharing my favorite eight ideas for refreshing my home for spring.  And the good news is that they are all very simple.

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1.  Swap Out Window Coverings

I’m often tempted by the botanical print wallpapers and other wall coverings that are trending now.  But they are a huge commitment, and a wallpaper that appeals to me in spring may not work year-round.  One way to get some of the impact of wallpaper without the commitment is to change curtains or Roman shades to match the seasons.

Washable linen Roman shades by Karuilu Home

I always buy washable curtains so I can remove and launder them as part of my spring cleaning routine.  On some windows, I use this exercise as an opportunity to swap out the winter curtains for curtains that have a spring-themed pattern.

2.  Refresh Bedding

To me, spring calls for lighter but still luxurious bedding and crisp, fresh sheets.

Provincial Living handmade linen bedding

3.  Swap Out Accent Pillows

One of the simplest ways to update a room for spring is to swap out accent pillows.  And here is an excellent example of how not all spring-themed decor need be light: The charming floral print of this garden bird botanical throw pillow really pops against the dark background.

4.  Replace Hand and Dish Towels

It doesn’t take long for hand towels and dish towels to look tired, so spring is the ideal time to repurpose them into rags and replace them with something fresh.

Organic cotton Turkish hand/dish towels

5.  Add Touches Of Natural Texture

It’s amazing how much impact a touch of natural texture can have in a room.  And it can be in something as simple and utilitarian as a plant wrap.

Handwoven Kenyan sisal planters

6.  Adopt A New House Plant

I say “adopt” because I’ve had some of my house plants for so long that they almost feel like family.  But there is always room for one more, and adding an intriguing new variety to my collection can often be the simplest way to infuse a fresh spring vibe.

I’ve previously shared my favorite ferns, and I especially love my bird’s nest fern.  But this variety, called “Crissie,” has me curious.

7.  Upgrade A Hand Soap Dispenser

I promised these tips would be simple, and what could be simpler than upgrading a small and inexpensive item that I use multiple times a day.

Ribbed glass hand soap dispenser

What I like about this particular dispenser is that it’s glass, so I can see when it needs a refill, and the ribbed glass pattern conceals runs and drips and almost always looks clean.

8.  Try A New Eco-Friendly Cleaning Product

Spring cleaning is a little more pleasant with fun new products, and I’m eager to try these eco-friendly eucalyptus and mint scented bowl bombs.

Since I have a pet, I will make sure the lid is closed while these bombs are in use – just in case.

Now that I’ve shared my eight simplest tips for a spring refresh, I have no excuse not to start my spring cleaning.  So I’m off to do just that – right after my next cup of coffee.

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