Floral Inspiration For Winter And Early Spring

Good old January. For many of us, it’s a time of weak sunlight. We bundle up in sweaters as we organize our homes. We begin gathering the necessary papers to file our tax returns. Outside, gardens are in their winter sleep, and summer seems so far away.

It’s also the time of year when a little natural beauty can go a long way toward lifting our sprits.  So today I’m re-sharing some of the simple DIY winter and early-spring floral designs that I’ve shared in the past.

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Winter White And Metal

Winter whites are an understated classic that offer a visual break from the glitz and color of the holidays. Pairing them with metal containers gives them a calm, timeless look.

Winter white floral in a champagne bucket

More winter white floral inspiration is shared in this post.

Cute DIY Moss Pouches

Delicate maidenhair ferns are so appealing this time of year.  And they look especially cute in DIY moss pouches.

Maidenhair fern in a DIY moss pouch

The process for making the moss pouches is shared in this post.

A Saucer Filled with Spring

Spring came early to my living room with this super-easy project.

A common garden saucer serves as a container for indoor spring bulbs


Elevated Tulips

Grocery store tulips were the toppers for this fun little “cake.”  Details on how I made it are in this post.

A cake stand makes a grand base for a tulip “cake”

Tulips In A Champagne Bucket

I dusted off my champagne bucket yet again for this tulip arrangement.  The simple trick for securing the tulips is shared in this post.

Tulips in a champagne bucket


Post-Holiday Twig Wreath

This wreath, using twigs gathered from my garden, was fun and affordable to make – and it went seamlessly from winter to early spring.  The details of how I made the wreath are in this post.

A wreath of foraged twigs

And speaking of wreaths that can go from winter to spring . . .

Eucalyptus Wreath

It took only a DIY grapevine wreath and a bundle of store-bought eucalyptus to create this sculptural wreath that dried in place and lasted for weeks.

A DIY eucalyptus wreath

The details of how I built this wreath are shared in this post.

And, if you like eucalyptus, check out . . .

Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Floral Design

Ah, the ice bucket again.  But it’s so versatile.  It worked well with silver dollar eucalyptus.  I used a large bundle of greens to create maximum impact.

Silver dollar eucalyptus

But silver dollar eucalyptus is also wonderful combined with other floral elements. More ideas for using it are shared in this post.

And This Year?

My current winter-to-spring floral design is a work in progress which I hope to be sharing soon.  Until then, hang in there.  January is almost over!

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