Four Essential Tasks For Your Lawn Care Calendar

I’m starting to set a few gardening goals for the year ahead, and one area that I’d like to improve on a bit is lawn care.  We do try to keep our lawn care natural, removing weeds by hand rather than using chemicals.  But it’s been years since we’ve aerated our lawn, and that task alone can make it so much healthier.

So I was happy to see this post, sent to me by a guest writer, with lawn care tasks to add to our garden maintenance calendars.

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Four Essential Tasks For Your Lawn Care Calendar

A lush green lawn can be a wonderful place to enjoy family activities.  But keeping your lawn green and healthy requires more care than you might think. You need to mow it during the growing season and water it in the summer, but what else does your lawn require to keep it looking good?

At different times of the year, there are certain jobs that you should be doing if you want your lawn to be as healthy as possible. The weather and the temperature can affect the state of your lawn, so you have to be careful about the way that you’re treating it. Here are some key tasks to add to your lawn care calendar to keep it green.


Mowing your lawn keeps it the right length so it looks good and the grass grows healthy. During the winter months, you probably won’t be mowing your lawn, but by spring it will be time to get the mower out again.

When you first start cutting your lawn, only give it a small trim to help get the growth going. As spring progresses into summer, you might find that you need to mow the grass more frequently if you want to keep it the right length. You can lower the cutting height of your mower as the grass begins to grow more.

Fertilizing and Seeding

Giving your lawn a helping hand to grow is smart, especially if your lawn has bare patches.  After you’ve started mowing your lawn at the beginning of spring, you might want to consider a fertilizer to promote growth. Spring can also be a good time to overseed your lawn to fill in any bare patches.

Continuing to apply fertilizer in late spring and early summer will help your lawn to be healthier as growth picks up and you need to start caring for the grass more. If the weather becomes dry or hot, watering your lawn might also be necessary.


A compacted surface can mean your lawn isn’t getting the nutrients or moisture that it needs. Aerating your lawn prevents the soil from becoming compacted.  You should start thinking about this task in the summer if the surface soil under your lawn is hard, and you might continue to do it throughout the summer. If it feels like a bit too much work, you can get someone else to do it for you. The cost of lawn aeration is well worth it if it’s going to save you a lot of time, especially if you have a larger lawn. It also means you don’t have to have your own aeration tools.

Weeding and Debris Clearing

Weeds and debris on your lawn can prevent it from thriving. Make sure you pay attention to weeds as your lawn starts to grow in the spring so you can remove them. Weed killers can be used, but keep in mind that your family, pets, and wildlife will be using the lawn.  So look for products that will be kind to your lawn and the environment.  

As leaves start to fall later in the year, you should be clearing them from your lawn. Any debris piling up can cause health problems for your grass.

Keep up with your lawn care throughout the year by putting these essential tasks on your calendar.

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