Getting Organized is Bunk

When I found this $7 bunk bed ladder at an architectural salvage shop, I knew I wanted it.  I just wasn’t sure why.

Ladder beforeIt wasn’t like other ladders.  It was very solidly built, and it seemed to stand more vertically rather than having to lean at an angle.  That made it perfect for some kind of vertical storage function – after a little facelift of course.



The Facelift

I wanted to paint it with Valspar Greek Tapenade – a cheerful color and the same one I used on my file cabinet.

The ladder had a dark stain and a glossy finish, so I sanded it and painted it with two coats of primer.  After that, it took three coats of paint.

I had some little green storage bins that I had purchased a couple of years ago online.  At the time, they turned out to be too small for the project I had in mind for them, but because they were nicely made and came at good price, I hung onto them.

Closet organizing

Their size turned out to be perfect to fit on the ladder rungs.  My husband, Chris, installed them using small brass nails.

closet organizing ladder closeup

A Closet Organizer

I’m slowly chipping away at getting my closet organized and finding just the right solutions for the space I have to work with.   But this little ladder is a great start.  It doesn’t take up much floor space at all, and it holds the little odds and ends that wind up cluttering up my closet.

closet organizingcloset organizing

Other Uses

I’m still torn on whether it should stay in the closet.  It would also be great in our smaller bathroom holding toiletries and towels.  And it would be adorable in my greenhouse holding blooming annuals.

So I’m on the lookout for more bunk bed ladders.


From Amazon, here are a couple of other fun storage ladder options and one cool display ladder made from reclaimed wood:

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