Good Night, Great Morning

I never truly understood how frustrating it can be to have trouble sleeping.  But just recently, I’ve started to notice that it’s not as easy as it used to be for me to get a good night’s sleep.

I have found that getting enough exercise during the day usually helps, but that doesn’t always work with my schedule.  So I’m looking forward to trying a few of these tips brought to me by a guest writer.

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Good Night, Great Morning

Getting a good night’s sleep can be a challenge for so many people. With our busy, connected lives, we’re often rushing around and fall into bed exhausted at the end of a long day – yet unable to switch off.

The problem might be environmental, physical, or simply a poor routine. In this guide, we take a look at what you can do to get your best night’s sleep ever.

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Get Ready

Cut out the caffeine after midday and stick to water and non-caffeinated drinks. Some people are more sensitive to caffeine than others, so it might be worth experimenting and going without to see if that makes a difference.

Even as much as two hours before you normally hit the hay, think about powering down your body. Keep your ambient lighting turned way down to help rest your eyes and let your body know that bedtime is right around the corner. While many people fall straight to sleep after drinking alcohol, very often that sleep is poor quality and they wake up in the middle of the night feeling thirsty, so try to avoid excessive alcohol before you go to sleep.

Make sure that the television, tablet, or mobile phone is switched off at least one hour before bedtime – even earlier if you can. This helps your brain to slow down and stop processing information. The blue light of a mobile phone is known to trigger brain activity, so make a rule for yourself that you won’t take your phone up to bed with you but rather leave it off, silent in another room.

Think Bed

If there’s one thing worth investing in for your home it’s a great bed with a mattress that’s just the right size and firmness. Find a mattress size guide to determine which size bed is best for you.  And always buy the best quality that you can afford. You spend a lot of time on your mattress, so choosing a good one will go a long way toward getting a great night’s sleep.

Your pillow is also important, so figure out if you need one or two for a more comfortable position and then buy good quality ones – hypoallergenic if necessary.

Create a Restful Atmosphere

When you’ve got your bed ready, the light blocked out with lined curtains, and the heat turned down to warm rather than hot, you’re ready to go and get the rest your body deserves. If you need to, use earplugs, eye covers, or whatever helps you block out any excessive noise and light from your room.

Getting rest and restoring your brain and body is exactly what you need to take on the challenges of a new day. Make sure that you make sleep a priority so you’ll be functioning at your very best the next day. Get your head down for a good night and prepare for a great morning.


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