Our Greenhouse

I’ve always wanted my own greenhouse, and a few years ago my dream came true with the addition of a cute little Sunglo greenhouse.

The greenhouse was a work in progress, and now that it’s done I’ve been learning a lot about greenhouse growing.  The links on this page are all about the greenhouse – what inspired it, how we built it, and what I’ve learned.

In Greenhouse on the Brain, I talk about why I have always dreamed of having a greenhouse.

deserted greenhouse

Then in late fall of 2014, my husband, Chris, and his friend, Bruce, began the construction of our own adorable little Sunglo lean-to greenhouse.


The interior still needed to be completed, but in the meantime, my brother gave us these great  greenhouse lights that he made himself.

Just right - rustic hanging lights for our greenhouse

Then in late-winter of 2015, Chris found time to install the shelves and we were able to start using the greenhouse.  Check out Late Winter in the Greenhouse for a little tour.

Lime with control panel edited

I also posted a little how-to in case you have never started your own seeds indoors and want to give it a try.

ingredients edited

In March of last year, it was time to start my begonia tubers so that we can enjoy their gorgeous flowers this summer.  I wrote a guest post about this for the Sunglo Greenhouse blog.

begonia back patio

Things heated up in the greenhouse in April of 2015, so I made some Pretty Burlap Shades to keep the plants happy.

Burlap shades

And in May of 2015, Chris installed a sink that uses recycled rainwater.

sink and basin

In summer of 2016, I looked back over the past seasons and shared what I had grown, protected, or overwintered in my greenhouse.

plants outside greenhouse3

And in late summer of 2016, we finally found a way to pretty up the ugly pressure-treated wood foundation.  Now the greenhouse looks so solid and finished!

front of greenhouse closeup of brick

In early 2017, I experimented with three different seed starting trays, using Coleus as the subject of my experiment.  In An Experiment With Coleus, I share my findings.

And in May of 2018, I talked about all the plants I overwintered and grew in my greenhouse.  It  got my spring gardening off to a great start.

In the summer of 2018, we added a bedspring trellis to the front.

And in February of 2019, we got record snowfall.  But the greenhouse just shrugged it off.

And recently, I got a chance to visit a greenhouse like no other:  That spectacular urban jungle called The Spheres!