Our Greenhouse

The most exciting thing happening right now at My Sweet Cottage is the addition of a cute little greenhouse.  It’s about 95% completed and I will be adding to this page as things progress.

But here is what’s happened so far:  In Greenhouse on the Brain, I talked about why I have always dreamed of having a greenhouse.

deserted greenhouse

Then in late fall of 2014, my husband, Chris, and his friend, Bruce, began the construction of our own adorable little Sunglo lean-to greenhouse.


The interior still needed to be completed, but in the meantime, my brother gave us these great  greenhouse lights that he made himself.

Just right - rustic hanging lights for our greenhouse

Then in late-winter of 2015, Chris found time to install the shelves and we were able to start using the greenhouse.  Check out Late Winter in the Greenhouse for a little tour.

Lime with control panel edited

I also posted a little how-to in case you have never started your own seeds indoors and want to give it a try.

ingredients edited

In March of last year, it was time to start my begonia tubers so that we can enjoy their gorgeous flowers this summer.  I wrote a guest post about this for the Sunglo Greenhouse blog.

begonia back patio

Things heated up in the greenhouse in April of 2015, so I made some Pretty Burlap Shades to keep the plants happy.

Burlap shades

And in May of 2015, Chris installed a sink that uses recycled rainwater.

sink and basin

In summer of 2016, I looked back over the past seasons and shared what I had grown, protected, or overwintered in my greenhouse.

plants outside greenhouse3

And in late summer of 2016, we finally found a way to pretty up the ugly pressure-treated wood foundation.  Now the greenhouse looks so solid and finished!

front of greenhouse closeup of brick


7 Replies to “Our Greenhouse”

  1. Hi Heidi! I too live in the PNW, and having checked out various greenhouses at the Flower & Garden Show this week, I think I’m ready to take the plunge: a SunGlo lean-to style greenhouse, 7′ x 17’ish.
    I’m curious about whether you heat yours in Winter, and if not, how warm does it stay in the coldest months? These things look STURDY and well insulated, and I was impressed with the materials and design of the one I saw at the F&GS.

    1. Lisa, how exciting! That is a nice-sized greenhouse. I’m sure you’ll have all kinds of fun growing things. We do heat ours in winter with a small portable heater attached to a thermometer. It kicks in when the temperature drops under 55 degrees. I rarely notice it running during the day, but I’m sure it must kick in at night. We have citrus trees and several other plants that wouldn’t do well under 55 degrees. But it depends on what you’ll use it for. If you just want to keep above a freezing temperature, you might not need a heater. Now during the day, since the greenhouse is south-facing and gets some sun, the fan and automatic vents actually kick in at times. When I’m gardening in the cold, I often go into our greenhouse for a bit to warm up and feel like I’ve been transported to the tropics. Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions. Have fun with it!

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