Haunted Hatchlings

Strange Creatures Suddenly Appear

One day this huge raptor’s nest appeared on my front porch.  It must have blown in with the last big windstorm.

In it were three strange hatchlings.  Judging by all the egg shells, some of the creatures had already left the nest.  One large egg remained unhatched.

The three hatchlings were a nightmare from the bowels of the underworld.  They were like nothing I had ever seen.

Halloween Gourd Ideas: Diabolical nest

Okay, actually they were kind of cute in a nerdy way.

Halloween gourd ideas: Haunted hatchlings

But what were these creatures?  I found an expert on paranormal wildlife who told me that I had a nest of wacko dactyls.  They always hatch around Halloween.  And they are beneficial to the garden since they eat ghouls and goblins.  Just don’t get too close if you’re wearing a Halloween costume.

At least this is what I plan to tell the trick-or-treaters.

How the Wacko Dactyl Was Really Hatched

I was at my local nursery looking at the fall pumpkins and gourds when I came across some small gourds that resembled wacky birds.  So I decided that this year birds are the new jack-o’-lantern.

The Birds

I used a black marker to sketch their eyes.  And I used four T-pins on each gourd as “legs” to make them stable.

Making birds out of gourds

The Egg Shells

I just painted clean cracked egg shells with a roughly 50/50 mix of Mod Podge and folkArt acrylic craft paint in Wrought Iron.  The Mod Podge helped strengthen the egg shells a bit and also added a nice sheen.

Haunted nest: how to paint the eggs

For the large unhatched egg, I used a small gourd, which was actually called an “egg gourd,” and painted it to match.

The Nest

The birds would need a nest – a large one worthy of raptors.  So I got an inexpensive natural twig wreath from the craft store and set it down on the rim of a terracotta pot.  Then I wrapped the pot with hop vines from my garden to conceal it and make it look like part of the nest.

I placed a stone platform inside the nest to set the birds on.

Haunted hatchlings: How to make the nest

And then I just added natural raffia as the nesting material to hide the birds’ ugly legs.  I added the egg shells and a few other natural touches to the nest.

Halloween gourd ideas: A raptor's nest

These hatchlings need molten lava to stay warm.  Since I don’t have any, I am using battery-operated orange LED lights.  This is also a good way to warn visitors to approach with caution.

Halloween Gourd ideas: A Raptor's Nest

The Runaways

So what happened to the wacko dactyls who had already left the nest?  Strangely, they turned up at my mom’s house.  She found them trying to hide in her fall floral arrangement.

Gourds in a fall centerpiece

They seem pretty content.  But she’s not keen on having them in the house, so she is trying to re-home them.  Any takers?

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11 Replies to “Haunted Hatchlings”

  1. So glad to get your blog this morning! I was just about to write, as I missed seeing it on Tuesday. Boy, you really had me going with those strange creatures! Especially in the white picture — I didn’t know WHAT they where. (I’m a city girl.)

    1. Hi, Jane, yes it took me a couple of extra days to get the nest just right. Btw, my webhost made it so that my replies to comments can now be forwarded to the person who made the comment. So let me know if this reply shows up in your email!

      1. Kerryanne, that is great news. Thanks so much! I probably shouldn’t tell the wacko dactyls about this though since it will go straight to their heads and then there will be no living with them.

  2. I LOVE everything about this: the nest, the cracked eggs, the “birds”, everything. Whimsical and fun!! Pinned. Beautiful. Best wishes, Linda @Crafts a la mode

  3. Such a fun (and creepy) idea! Thanks for sharing at the To Grandma’s House We Go DIY, Crafts, Recipes and More Link party last week! I pinned this. Hope you join us again this week!

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