How To Beautifully Decorate Your Porch

Lately I’ve been focused on reworking our front porch so that we can better use the space to safely and comfortably visit with friends during the upcoming holiday season.  So the timing could not be better for this guest post, which reminded me of a few easy things we can all do to beautify our porches.

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How To Beautifully Decorate Your Porch

Your porch is the first impression that visitors get of your home.  It has the potential to set the design tone for the rest of your house.  But even more than that, it is an extension of your home – a bonus space that you can utilize for storage, outdoor activities, socializing and relaxation.

Here are three quick and easy ways to beautify your porch.

1.  Add Seating

You might picture an old farmer sitting on the porch with a hay strand sticking out the side of his mouth but, in actual fact, porch chairs are a lovely addition to your home. Unless your porch is enclosed, you should invest in weather-proof chairs like a plastic adirondack chair which will brave all the elements. In addition, you can cover the chairs with decorative or protective covers to add color and style to the furniture. 

A chair on your porch means you can sit and take in the world as it goes by. Or you can visit with friends in the fresh air.  A porch chair is relaxing, functional and decorative too. 

2.  Incorporate Plants

Another way to make your porch more beautiful is to add plants. If your porch is enclosed and/or protected by glass, you can find stunning house plants which love to soak up the sun. If your porch is exposed to the elements, you could add hanging baskets of flowers, or small shrubs or potted trees in  attractive containers, to your porch space. 

Either way, a splash of green adds vitality to the porch, making it a refreshing, welcoming space for all who visit. 

Some house plants that love sun and are easy to maintain are: 

  • Golden pothos. The beautiful leafy tendrils of golden pothos are hard to kill – and it grows at rapid speed!
  • Cacti. Cacti are easy to maintain, virtually unkillable and funky to look at. If it can survive the desert, it can survive the porch. 
  • Fiddle leaf fig trees.   These trees are a very popular choice at the moment.  They can be bought as young trees or as full sized ones; outdoors in warm climates or indoors in any climate, these stunning plants bring any room to life.

But remember that not all plants survive in all outdoor areas.  If your porch is not enclosed, check before buying a plant to make sure it will survive, and thrive, in your planting zone.

3.  Add Color

A splash of bright color is bound to make your entryway space come to life. You could invest in a rug made of recycled plastics which is environmentally friendly, gorgeous to look at, and easy to clean.

Alternatively, an enclosed porch could benefit from tasteful artwork or a wall hanging that takes it from a bland entryway to a stylish part of your home you can be proud of. Adding color to a particularly neutral, bland space in your home can transform it for the better, and what’s more, this can be achieved relatively cheaply without any stress or hassle!

In conclusion, your porch isn’t just a neutral place you bypass on your way into your house. The porch can be a beautiful, welcome entry to your home with these simple steps!

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