Kitchen Remodel Series

We remodeled our kitchen about ten years ago, but some things never change:  A major kitchen remodel is a big deal, with many moving parts and so much to think about.  So I broke our kitchen remodel into several posts so that you can get more detail on each phase of the project.

Planning a Kitchen Remodel

In  Part 1:  Plan B For Better, I start with the planning process and the ways we found to stay within budget and still get the kitchen we wanted.  Main lesson learned:  The “experts” aren’t always right.

Kitchen remodel drawing

The Demolition Process – A Chance to Learn About Your House

In Part 2:  Ghosts of Kitchens Past, I share all the interesting tidbits we learned about our house while demolishing the old kitchen.  Our old house was talking to us, and mysteries were unfolding!vintage kitchen

The Remodel Process

In Part 3:  Our New Original Kitchen, we feature a before and after kitchen tour.

North wall

Surviving A Kitchen Remodel

But how does one get by during a major kitchen remodel?  How do you keep from starving or losing your sanity?  Check out my post How to Survive a Kitchen Remodel for a few tips.

kitchen remodel 020 cropped

Scope Creep – When One Project Leads to Another

And we didn’t stop at the kitchen.  The remodel spilled into our living room and dining room.  Here are a few other things we did to bring the charm back to our old house while we had the kitchen remodel crew on-hand.

Arched doorway

Ironing Out the Small Issues

We still enjoy almost everything about our remodeled kitchen.  But one corner had always bugged me, so recently we did something about it – something simple that led to more storage and more charm.

If you are planning a kitchen remodel of your own, I hope this series helps you – or at least gets you thinking about some things you may not have yet considered.  Enjoy!

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