Living Room Spring Spruce-Up

Estate Sale Finds Drive the Colors

A while back, my husband, Chris, came home from an estate sale with this sweet old chair that he got for just $10.

Antique chair from estate sale

As cute as this chair is, the first thing I noticed was the seafoam green cushion which probably would not work in the only room we had a place for it – our living room.

I had also been trying to transition away from antiques a bit because we already have so many that our house is starting to look like a museum.  My goal is to have more of a mix of contemporary and antique furniture and accessories.

But here the chair was in all its quaint, old fashioned glory.  Too good of a bargain to pass up.  And even I had to admit, too cute to mess with by painting the wood or recovering the seat – at least at this point.

So Chris took me back to the estate sale.  I had to see what else they had.

When we found this Roseville deco vase, it was broken into three pieces and priced at almost nothing.  And I love Roseville.  So much for not buying any more antiques.

Roseville found at estate sale

Undamaged, Roseville pieces similar to this are priced starting at around $50 and often over $100 on eBay or Etsy.  But damaged Rosevilles have no monetary value.   Chris carefully glued ours back together.  Since we didn’t buy it for its resale value, we will just enjoy it.

Will They Work in the Living Room?

So now we had two new seafoam green pieces that would not work in the living room with our murky, tarnished gold wall color – Olympic Earthy Ocher.

But as it turns out, I was underestimating how truly neutral Earthy Ocher is.  The seafoam actually looks great with it.

Our Pet-Friendly, Long-Suffering Couch

Our cats, Charlie and Priscilla, now senior citizens, have been trying for years to ruin our microfiber couch.  But the fabric cleans up and vacuums up so well that they have not yet been successful.  And, maybe because of the fabric texture, they have never been interested in clawing it.

This makes it the perfect pet-friendly couch.  Charlie in particular spends so much time on it that we call it “Charlie’s couch.”

couch, pillow, table and chair before spring sprice-up
Couch, pillow, table and chair before spring spruce-up

The couch came with some very bland throw pillows that I usually don’t even use.

Couch pillow before cover

But recently I took up sewing, so I decided to make some covers for these pillows in a seafoam green fabric to tie in with the chair seat and Roseville piece.

Legacy Studio Nestled in the Branches

This is an inexpensive Legacy Studio calico called Nestled in the Branches.  I prewashed the fabric and, to give it more body, I also lined the inside of the pillow covers with the same utility fabric I used for this laundry hamper project.

The pillow covers are attractive and soft, and also removable and washable.

After spring spruce-up
Earthy Ocher walls with seafoam green accessories

Three Spring Arrangements

The living room spruce up continued with three new spring arrangements.  For two of them, I used mini carnations because they look fresh for such a long time.

Carnations “Growing” From an Urn

I replaced the faux topiary in this urn . . .


with a spray of carnations, leaving the moss so the flowers would look like they are actually growing out of the urn.

Urn with carnations and moss

Since I suspect the urn is not water tight, I placed the carnations in a narrow jar and filled it with water, then placed it inside the urn and covered the jar with the moss.

Sweet Little Milk Glass Arrangement

The rest of the carnations went into this footed milkglass candy dish.

milk glass arrangement with carnations

milk glass arrangement

I had to cut the carnation stems pretty short for this arrangement.  So to keep them in place I used the same tape grid trick that I used for one of the hydrangea arrangements in this post.

A Showy Arrangement for the Front Window

The table by the front window needs a big, showy arrangement.  I put silk cherry blossoms and some corkscrew willow twigs in a large urn.

After I had all the stems in place, I filled the bottom of the urn with glass beads to keep everything in place and also to give the bottom some weight so it’s not easily tipped over.

Cherry blossoms and willow branches in urn


So I’m feeling good about my living room wall color and how so many other colors work with it.  The possibilities are endless.

And that is all well and good, but the really important thing is that Charlie is still happy on his couch.

Couch after spring spruce-up with Charlie the Cat


There are all sorts of pretty footed milkglass bowls on Etsy and this is a small sampling.  I also found a Roseville piece very similar to ours – perhaps a little smaller.  And I was so surprised to find pillow covers so similar to the ones I made!

00living room milkglass footed bowl00 living room milkglass foote #200 living room milkglass footed bowl #3

00 living room roseville00 living roon bird pillow case00 living roon pillow case 2

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  1. We also have pets that are allowed on the furniture and have had success with micro fiber. I love how you were able to mix it up and add so many beautiful colors and patterns! I just adore those pillows!
    Thanks so much for sharing on Something to Talk About! I am pinning this!

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