Our Master Bath Remodel Series

Our master bath remodel was a little nerve-wracking since it was such a tough one to visualize – turning a tiny half bath into a full master bathroom by cutting a big hole in the roof.  But it all worked out.

Like our kitchen remodel, I’ve broken our master bath remodel into bite-sized chunks of information.  If you are planning a master bathroom remodel of your own, I hope this series gives you food for thought.   Enjoy!

Planning a Bathroom Remodel

Part 1 covers the planning process,

Bath-sketch-1024x807 (2)

The Remodel Process

Part 2, the actual remodel,

east wall portrait (2)

The Details

And Part 3 goes into with the fun little finishing touches.

vanity from mirror (2)





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    1. Hi, Wendy: Are you talking about the lower portion of the windows? The photo doesn’t show it well, but those are honeycomb blinds that can be adjusted up or down. They’ve help up pretty well for us! Hope this helps.

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