Planning A Move? Here Is What To Take Into Account

In my city, the real estate market is crazy right now.  It seems there are too many buyers chasing too few homes.  This post, brought to me by a guest writer, gives us a couple of helpful house hunting tips – and reminds us to slow down for a minute and really consider what we need in a home.

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Planning A Move?  Here Is What To Take Into Account

Moving into a new home can be an extremely exciting journey. But it can be stressful and difficult too. Packing up everything you own and transporting it to a new home can be time consuming and costly to say the least. Add children and pets into the mix and you’ve got a whole lot of work on your hands. Of course, as with most things, being prepared can make a huge difference in how this all goes for you. Here are some areas to take into consideration before diving into the deep end.

Choosing The Right Property

Sometimes, people decide that they want to move home and then rush the process. But this really is a process that, if possible, you should take a little more slowly. Bear in mind that your home is likely to be the most expensive thing that you fork out for (whether that’s rent or mortgage payments) and it is also the space where you need to be able to spend a lot of time and feel comfortable. You need to make sure that you choose the right property to suit your needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for opulent homes for sale or something a little more minimalist, browse all of the options available in your price range before settling on anything.

Some questions that can help you to determine what you’re looking for include:

  • Where would you like to live? What locations suit your needs? Do you need to be close to work / family / friends / schools / amenities / public transport options?
  • How many rooms do you need? Will this likely change in the near future? Is it worth sizing up in advance rather than moving again soon?
  • Do you need a garden? This can be an essential requirement for people with children and pets in particular.
  • Do you need a garage or will a driveway or on-street parking be sufficient?

Viewing Properties

It’s also essential that you view any properties that you’re interested in. Nowadays, many estate agents are moving online, or at least listing online, and you can see all of the properties available from the comfort of your own home. But you should still go and see it in person. Why? Well, with the right camera angles and proper lighting, almost anything can be made to look very flattering. You need to see the property in person to get a genuine idea of size and how everything looks. Viewing the property also means that any problems can’t be hidden away or ignored. Plus, you get a feel for the area. You can tell if there are problematic neighbors, road noise, visible crime, or other issues that you might want to avoid.

These steps may seem logical, but so many people tend to miss a few of them and suffer the consequences when moving time comes. Hopefully, by highlighting them, we can help to make your move a whole lot simpler!

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