Preparing For A Home Remodel

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This post speaks to me because living through a major home remodel can really test a relationship. So it’s important to plan ahead.  By setting up a small makeshift kitchen in our living room, Chris made it easy for us to cope with our kitchen remodel.  Even so, that little kitchen had to be moved several times – with the fridge eventually ending up on our front porch in the dead of winter.  I remember those cold mornings when I had to go outside to put milk in my coffee.  But at least I still had coffee!

If you’re planning a major remodel or know someone who is, the tips below should come in very handy.

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Preparing For A Home Remodel

Whether you’re about to remodel a part of your home or the entire house, you’re going to need to run through some preparation steps beforehand. After all, your house won’t be exactly usable until the work is complete, and that’s something you’re going to have to plan ahead for! And so, with the tips we’ve compiled below, let’s get you started on your home remodel plan of action. Don’t let yourself wait until the day the workmen come in to pack up your things and take your family elsewhere! 

Image courtesy of Michal Jermoluk on Pixabay

Find a Place to Stay

If the remodel is going to turn you out of house and home for a while, you’re going to need to find a place to stay ahead of time. And if you’re not sure if the remodel is going to require you to leave for a little while, think about it now – or call up the team that’s going to be undertaking the bulk of the work for you and ask for their opinion on it! 

How many rooms are you going to be losing the use of? Will the house be secured and covered for the next two weeks or so? Depending on the answers to questions like these, you might need to arrange to stay with extended family, or a kind friend, or you might need to budget for a hotel or a B&B for a while! 

Throw Some Things Out

It’s also much better to get rid of your junk now, when you’ve got the chance to properly go through your household inventory and see what your new house model is going to need.  For example, if you have an old, musty fridge that should have been thrown away years ago, call up a service like Junk Removers and get it gone! Now you know what kind of space you’re working with, and what kind of equipment you’ll need to fill it.

Prep Your Meals

And finally, if you’re losing the use of your kitchen, or most of your main floor, make sure you prep some meals ahead of time. You’re still going to need to eat and drink while your house is being renovated and remodeled, and you can very easily invest in a portable cooler to store your food packs while your fridge is out of use. 

Image courtesy of Martin Vorel on Pixabay

Think about what kind of meals would pack the most punch, nutrition wise. You don’t want to be relying on easy, snack-like meals at a time like this. Make sure you’re meal prepping with value, as the kids are definitely going to need to stock up on energy during such a disruptive period of their young lives! 

Preparing for a home remodel can be a bit tricky – there’s a lot you’ll have to do! So starting early is key.  And make sure you secure that overflow accommodation as soon as you possibly can.

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