Pretty Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas: Think Burlap and Yarn – Really!

Looking to do something a little different this year with your holiday gift wrap?  Here are a couple of fun and pretty ideas that came straight from the fabric store.

Burlap Gift Bags

Since I already had my sewing machine dusted off for my porch bench winter makeover, I decided to make gift bags from some burlap (also called jute) that I had been wanting to experiment with.

Holiday gift wrap ideas

I love how the rough texture of the burlap contrasts with its girly pattern.  And I love the classic combination of the black and tan colors.  This year in holiday wrap, black seems to be the new red anyway.

Burlap is not a very tightly-woven fabric, so I added a green lining to the interior of each bag so that it can be reused without risk of something poking through the burlap.   Also the fresh green color gives a little dash of interest, and having a lining makes the bag look more finished.

The bags are about 9″X12″, a good size for carrying tablets, books, or magazines.

The little snowflake ornament and the bell are tied on with a great ruffle yarn that I recently discovered.  More on that below.

Making the Bags

I used a 10″X13″ piece of cardboard as a template to cut the burlap and the lining.  When I sewed the sides and bottom of the burlap together, I backstitched liberally to make the bag more durable.

Attaching the lining to the bag was the hardest part, but once I got my head around it, it was easy.  I used roughly the same method described very nicely here, except that I attached the straps, about an inch below the top of the bag, before I stitched the lining to the bag.  Then I just pinned the straps out of the way while I was sewing the bag and the lining together.

I learned to be careful ironing jute.  Don’t get the iron too hot and make sure to have a scrap piece of fabric between the iron and the jute or the ink from the pattern on the jute might transfer to the iron.

A Gorgeous Ribbon Alternative

I found the ruffle yarn I mentioned earlier at the fabric store and it looked pretty interesting to me at the time.  But once I got it home and had a closer look, I realized it was even better than I thought.

Holiday gift wrap ideas


It can be pulled apart for a lace-like look and it also has tiny sequins sewn in for a subtle yet festive glimmer.

It’s also an economical alternative to conventional ribbon since the bolt of yarn is 23 yards long.

So that is all for now – I’m off to do more wrapping.  Hope you are too.  Happy holidays!


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