Second Tuesday Art Walk #7: Dresser and Cabinet Makeovers

If I gave two DIYers identical pieces of furniture and said “Take this piece and make it your own,” I would get two completely different results. That’s the fun of furniture makeovers:  Everyone has a unique approach.

So in this month’s Art Walk, we’re looking at inventive ways to make over old dressers and stereo cabinets.  Why dressers and stereo cabinets?  Because there are so many of them out there in need of a little love.

You would not believe what some of these pieces looked like before their makeovers.  If you want to see before photos, or if you want to learn more about a process, click on any photo to be taken to the original post.

Let’s begin!

Hollywood Glam

I love how Tarah at Grandma’s House DIY paired black paint with glass knobs for this stately look.   She used a gloss finish over the paint to get that elegant sheen.

Photo courtesy of Grandma House DIY

The Power of Prep Work

I have long admired the work of Nicole over at Visual Heart.  Her makeovers of mid-century pieces are so airy and cheerful.  And turning an ugly particle board duckling into this beautiful swan took a lot of vision – and a lot of prep work.

Photo courtesy of Visual Heart

Dresser Turned Vanity

Over at Lolly Jane, twin sisters Kelli and Kristi didn’t just make over a vintage dresser – they converted it into a charming bathroom vanity.  I have always wanted to do this.

Photo courtesy of

She’s Got Legs

Carol at The Red Painted Cottage took a boring square box of a dresser and made it adorable by painting it and adding legs and a wood plank top.

Photo courtesy of The Red Painted Cottage

An Artist’s Touch

When Miss Mustard Seed paints a dresser, she really paints it.  The choice of colors and the careful distressing make this piece spectacular.  I only wish I were artistic enough to try this.

Photo courtesy of Miss Mustard Seed


Stencils are a fantastic way to add impact to any piece.  A mix of wood grain, paint, and stenciling by Carrie at Dream Green DIY brings balance and interest to this piece.

Photo courtesy of Dream Green DIY

When Less is More

My husband Chris brought home a raggedy mid-century stereo cabinet that he wanted to convert to a liquor cabinet.  I was eagerly envisioning a makeover similar to something Nicole would do.

But then Chris noticed that the piece was made of mahogany.  And he is never one to paint over quality wood.  So he did an honest restoration of the existing wood.  Now it’s a handsome and timeless liquor cabinet.

Paring it Down

Sometimes removing something from a piece highlights what is left.  I found a worn little “princess” dresser covered in a cheap, dingy floral laminate.  It was probably originally intended for a girl’s bedroom.

After some chalk paint and antiquing, the dresser is more mature.  And its whimsical curves can finally take center stage.

Thanks for joining me on the Art Walk today.  And thanks to the folks who allowed me to share their work.

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