Seven Ways To Make Your Garden Child Safe

Few things warm my heart more than seeing a child take an interest in nature and the outdoors.  It’s good for the child, and it’s good for our planet.  So I really appreciated this guest post, sent to me by a summer guest writer, with some suggestions for keeping kids safe in the garden.

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The garden can be a great place to spend time together as a family, but there are also inherent dangers to your children when they’re playing outdoors. There are some easy ways to keep your garden safe for even the littlest members of the family.

1.   Safe Plants

Find plant nursery locations near you where you can go and speak to an expert about safe plants. Children are tempted to put just about everything into their mouths, so it’s important that anything you plant is safe to be consumed, even if it isn’t strictly intended to be eaten. This is a great choice if you have pets at home too.

2.   Fences and Gates

Keep fence panels in good repair. If the fence is falling down, and the gate is always left open, it’s all too easy for a small child to slip out unnoticed. Keep the fence up and add a tall gate with a catch that is either out of reach or too hard for a child to open by themselves. This will keep them in the garden where they’re supposed to be!

3.   Water Safety

A child can drown in even a tiny amount of water, so make sure that there’s nowhere they could fall into the water. If you have a water butt, keep a lid on it and weigh the lid down with something heavy. If you have a pond, consider filling it in. If you don’t want to fill it in, cover it with some tight mesh. The kids can still watch the fish, but won’t be able to topple in. During the hot weather, never let a child play in a paddling pool unattended, and be sure to empty it as soon as you’re finished using it, so there’s no risk of accidents.

4.  Discourage Pests

Discourage pests from visiting your garden by picking up any fallen fruit that may attract wasps. Immediately remove any wasps’ nest that start to form. Add a wasp trap to get rid of these nasties. Don’t leave toys outside overnight so they don’t get crawled over by slugs.

5.  A Clean Sandbox

Cats using your garden as a bathroom can be a real issue if you have kids. If your kids have a sandbox, be sure to secure the lid carefully at night so there’s no way for a cat to get in and use it as a giant litter box. Rubber snakes left on the lawn can also discourage cats from coming into your garden.


6.  Safe Practices with Garden Tools and Chemicals

Be careful with where you store any gardening tools or chemicals. Whether they go in the garage or in the shed, make sure they are locked away in a space that the kids don’t have access to. When gardening, allow the kids to help you, and use the time to teach them about the dangerous things you use and why they shouldn’t touch them when you’re not there. Don’t let your children handle any of the chemicals you might be using.

7.  Providing Shade

Children are more sun sensitive than adults, so add some shaded areas for them to enjoy playing outside out of the direct sunlight. A tree, a playhouse or a patio umbrella are easy ways to add some shade.

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