Summer Gear

Summer Essentials

Summer fun starts with having the right essentials – because sometimes the things we don’t think about or notice are the things that make all the difference.

Like the things that keep bugs away.

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These collapsible food cover tents, in assorted sizes, come with a carrying bag so they’re easy to take along for camping, picnics, or outdoor parties.


Who says citronella candles have to be ugly?  This long-burning soy wax citronella candle lends a spa-like feel to a balcony or patio while keeping mosquitoes at bay.


In summer, it seems I’m always carrying a tray from the kitchen to our back patio, so I love just being able to push through this magnetic screen door hands-free.  It snaps closed behind us and works better than others we’ve had in the past.


Even in summer, there are times when we need a little light and heat to extend the fun – and to extend the season.


With these cute waterproof LED string lights, the patio party doesn’t have to end once the sun goes down.


And with a patio heater, the party also doesn’t have to end once the temps cool down.


My Summer Crush:   Hanging Outdoor Seating

There are so many fun summer seating options available this year.  These breezy hanging seats have me dreaming.


This wicker rattan hanging chair has a modern but timeless vibe.


Macrame is hot this summer.  I love the boho chic look of this macrame swing.


How fun is this hanging egg chair?


And this tree swing has me wishing I was a kid again.



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