Taking Walkway Lights to New Heights

My mom, Erika, has been coloring outside of the lines again.  This time, she’s come up with a DIY garden lighting project that is simply beautiful and beautifully simple.

She has taken three ordinary solar-powered walkway lights and turned them into charming elevated garden lamps.

Let’s Head Over to Mom’s Garden

Mom initially installed these solar walkway lights in her garden because they are good quality, attractive, and, being solar-powered, they are easy to install and care for.

lights before elevation

They also give a nice warm glow at night and cast off an interesting light pattern.

She recently came up with the idea of grouping and elevating three of these lights to turn them into an interesting and functional garden accent.

Lamps made with walkway lights

How She Did It

Once she got the idea of elevating the lights on vertically placed pipes, Mom had a hard time finding the right pipe.  At the big-box hardware store, no one could find a pipe or tube in the diameter that she needed.

Then she came across some thin-walled metal closet rods with about a 1-1/4 inch diameter – just the right size to fit the post of the light into.

lamp and post separatelamp and posted united

The closet rods came in 6-foot lengths.  She bought three and cut them into a 5-foot, a 4-foot, and a 3-foot length.

Lamp post pipes

Then she spray painted the rods to match the lights, pounded them into the ground with a rubber mallet, and set the lights in.

Tip:  The walkway lights originally came with their own stakes, but they proved useless for this project.  Mom discarded them in favor of simply pounding the closet rods deep into the ground to make the lamps as stable as possible.

Beautiful Simplicity

Then she was done with the project – no electrical cords to run, no pesky wires to worry about.  The lamps would be easy to disassemble if she ever wanted to move them or use the walkway lights for something else.

They are beautiful at night.

Garden lamps at night

And by day, they add a timeless accent to the garden.

Garden with lamps

And since this trio of lights worked out so well for her, Mom did another trio by her leaf fountain.

Elevated walkway lights

Elevating solar walkway lights – the possibilities are endless.  Mom, I’ll be stealing this idea soon!


These lights are similar to Mom’s and by the same maker.

Mom has many passions and talents, and writing is among them.  She currently has two books available on AmazonYear of the Angels, a touching historical fiction novel based on her childhood during WWII, and Cries from the Fifth Floor, a fun paranormal thriller/murder mystery.

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  1. I love the idea of grouping them and making them taller. Fantastic! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

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