The Inspired Room Tour – Our Master Bath Remodel

Everyone takes a different approach to remodeling and decorating.  Some people jump right in.  But Chris and I waited a couple of years before making any big changes to our 1927 cottage-style house.  We kind of loved it the way it was, quirks and all, and we wanted to get to really know the house first.

When we did start, the first project we undertook was unlike anything either of us had tried before:  We turned our small half-bath into a large master bathroom by adding a roof dormer.  Which basically means we gained much of the needed space from that underrated commodity:  Thin air.

So when I was recently given the opportunity to participate in The Inspired Room Tour, choosing a room that inspired me was easy.  Because standing at the window of our master bathroom, I always marvel that, before the remodel, I would have actually been standing outside on the roof!

The Inspired Room Tour

I am very excited to be participating in The Inspired Room Tour, which is taking place in conjunction with the release of Melissa Michaels’s wonderful new book, The Inspired Room: Simple Ideas to Love the Home You Have

The Inspired Room

Melissa is a New York Times best-selling author and also has a blog, The Inspired Room, where the tour will be featured.  For some real eye candy, check out this link to all the other beautiful rooms on the tour.  The link  will be updated as more room tours are submitted.

As for my own room tour, we start with . . .

The Hole Where the Rain Comes In

By cutting a big hole in our roof  . . .

hole in roof

And adding a dormer, we went from this cramped half bath . . .

Master half bath before remodel
Half bath before remodel
Master half bath during demolition.
Half bath during demolition




To this full master bathroom.

What We Learned Along the Way

I learned that Chris is more creative than I knew.  It was his idea to go with a cathedral ceiling, which adds such a spacious feel to the room and is probably the best feature.  Once again, thin air wins!

Bathroom with cathedral ceiling

And I learned that I have a knack for finding the best uses for odd-shaped nooks and crannies, like this makeup desk under the south roof slope.

makeup desk

And this built-in linen closet under the north roof slope.

linen closet

We both learned a lot from touring remodeled homes and sifting through books and magazines.  We found that Carrara marble and nickel plating had the timeless look we wanted.

And we learned that what we loved was not necessarily more expensive than other options.

nickel pated faucet

Which leads me to . . .

Working Within Our Budget

My dream bathroom would have had porcelain subway tile wainscoting.  But in reality, that was not even close to being within our budget.  So we chose bead board.

Toilet alcove

We found a vintage claw foot tub at a salvage shop for a great price.


But some things could not be compromised, such as Chris’s wish to have a separate walk-in shower.

shower and vanity

The Personal Touches

The cute washstand, which houses my vintage linen collection, comes from Chris’s mother, Betty.  She meticulously refinished this piece years ago.

wash stand

And the stained glass windows above it are windows I found in a salvage shop over 20 years ago and had framed.

The pitcher and washbowl belonged to Chris’s grandmother.

antique pitcher and washbowl

The Aesthetic

With a 1927 house, it was a no-brainer to make the master bathroom look as original to the house as possible. Windows, moldings, and built-in cabinets all had to match the original features of the house.

Our hope is that the remodel will never look dated.  Instead, it will always be an integral, seamless part of our old house.  This remodel is now ten years old, and I like to think it’s worked so far.

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12 Replies to “The Inspired Room Tour – Our Master Bath Remodel”

  1. Well that is the best capture of thin air I have ever seen! The gabled roof is absolutely gorgeous. Really a lovely spacious room and I love the family heirloom pieces! Thanks for sharing with SYC. I will be featuring you this week.

  2. Oh my that is the most beautiful bathroom you and your hubby created. The fact that you used pieces in the room that had a family history makes it even more special. Thank you so much for sharing at Vintage Charm and I hope you have more to share with us this week! sb

  3. Wow this is amazing. I am so impressed with the whole idea and how it came out. What a great addition to your home. Love the personal pieces from the family in there. Cutting into the roof must have been the scariest part!

    1. Hi, Liz, yes I was pretty apprehensive about cutting that hole in our roof! I saw the finished product on paper when we had our plans drawn, but you never really know how it will really turn out until it’s done. But we are pretty happy with the results. Thanks for commenting!

  4. This bathroom is simply delightful. Do you ever leave it? I know I would be spending countless hours soaking in that bathtub, or sitting in the quiet little nook applying some make-up. It’s really a magical room, you two did an amazing job!

    1. Thanks Trina, I really do enjoy it. But the family member that spends the most time in that bathroom is my cat, Priscilla. She loves the heated floor!

  5. The whole room is gorgeous! You were ahead of your time with that paint color…it looks like the beautiful colors I’ve been pining for. It’s a perfect cross of antique and modern. Any idea what color it is?

    1. Hi, Judy: It’s reassuring to me to know the colors are still contemporary. With the high ceilings, a sky color seemed appropriate. In fact, the color is called “Pale Sky” and it’s an interior satin from Valspar’s American Tradition line. Of course this was 10 years ago, so hopefully they still offer that color. Thanks for your comment!

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