Tips For Deciding Whether To Move Or Remodel

I’ve finally come to the realization that no house is perfect.  Over the years, we’ve made improvements, large and small, to our home to make it fit our wishes and needs.  After all, we love our home.  Still, there are things about it that we can’t change.  So sometimes I wonder where we will be in ten years.

I’m sure just about everyone feels the same way, which is why this guest post is so intriguing.

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Tips For Deciding Whether To Move Or Remodel

It’s inevitable that at some point that your home won’t suit you anymore. Maybe you need another bedroom to accommodate a growing family or a home business, or maybe you need to move closer to work or elderly parents. If you love your home, it can be hard to move. But should you move, or should you improve what you have? 

And how do you know if you need to do either of these things?  

You might need to improve your home or move if you are experiencing any of the following scenarios:

Your Home Feels Like It’s Shrinking Or Growing

You might find yourself in one of these two extremes:

Either you feel as though every cupboard is bursting at the seams and you are constantly tripping over toys and clutter; or

You feel like you have endless rooms that you never use, and you resent having to keep them clean. 

If your house feels too big, it might be time to downsize and find a smaller house for sale. If you need more room, could you convert an attic space or garage into an extra room to use as a gym or home office? Could you build an extension to extend your kitchen or build an extra bedroom? Could a garden room work as a home office? 

You Spend Your Free Time Scrolling Property Websites

Sure, there’s no harm in looking. But if you find that a quick glance at what’s out there soon turns into an hour of studying floorplans and checking what your commute would be like, then you aren’t just looking.  Maybe it’s time to book some viewings.

If you just like looking at property websites, then see what the homes you look at have in common. Is there anything you could take as inspiration for your own home? 

You Aren’t Cleaning And Tidying As Much As You Used To

You used to keep your home clean and tidy, but you’re letting things slide and finding yourself having to do last-minute tidying if you have guests coming. Maybe you have a list of DIY projects that is only getting longer because it somehow doesn’t seem important. This all could mean that you’ve fallen out of love with your home. 

Maybe you don’t want to live there anymore, or maybe you just need to make a change to help you fall back in love with your home. How can you make it easier to keep things clean? Maybe you just need a better system of organizing – or maybe you need to treat yourself to regular visits from a cleaning service.

“The Problem With My House Is . . . “

Are you always telling anyone who will listen about all the problems with your house? No house is perfect, but if your list of gripes is getting longer than the reasons you love your house, it might be time for a change. If you can’t stop telling people that your house is too far away from your work, your kitchen is too small to cook in, your home is too far away from where your friends live, or that you hate having to work at the kitchen table, then you need a change. 

Your home might have been perfect when you bought it, but maybe your needs have changed now. Whatever challenges you have with your home, ask yourself if they are fixable.  If the kitchen is too small, could you extend it – or change out your cabinets to give you more storage space? If you bought the house before you learned to drive, but you now own a car, is there room to build a garage? 

Some problems aren’t fixable.  If the problem is distance from work, friends, or family, then it might be time to sell. 

You’ve Stopped Throwing Dinner Parties

If you usually love to entertain but lately don’t feel good about having people come over, then you might have outgrown your house. Maybe you don’t feel your place is fit for entertaining anymore, or you don’t have room to fit in all your friends anymore. Maybe you find yourself eating out every night because you just don’t enjoy being at home as much as you used to. 

This isn’t a reason to move. Instead, you can make some home improvements. Redecorating the dining room could kickstart your passion for entertaining and remind you why you loved to host in the first place. 

You Are Daydreaming About Adding To Your Home

If you love your home but need something else from it, an extension can be a good solution. A side-return extension is one of the common options, where you expand your kitchen to fill the passage space at the side of your house. 


Whether you are in desperate need of an extension like this, or a bigger extension or loft conversion to give you a bigger kitchen, a home office, or an extra bedroom, the first step is to find out if you would be able to get construction permits.   

If you’re not able to get get the permits you need, you may need to rethink your addition – or it might be time to move to a house that better suits your needs.   

You Start Buying Things For Your Next Place

When you first moved into your house, you adored it and couldn’t stop buying things for it. Maybe it was new curtains for the living room, fluffy new towels, or endless potted plants. Maybe recently, you’ve stopped buying those kinds of things for your home. Instead, you’re still picking up all kinds of little homeware treats, like picture frames or new bedding, but never taking them out of their packaging. Instead, you’ve tucked them away, saving them for a house that you don’t have yet. 

Ask yourself why you think the things you’re buying aren’t for your current house. Buying things that don’t fit your current style could just mean that it’s time to shake up your decor, rather than move. 


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