A Warm Welcome: A Porch Bench Gets a Budget Winter Makeover

A Lonely Porch

We use the bench on our covered porch almost every day in summer, but we never use it in winter.  The summer-print cushion is put away for the season and, except for one of our cats occasionally using it as a lookout post, the bench sits idle.

I have always had a fantasy about sitting on the porch in winter, bundled up with a hot chocolate watching snow fall.  But this has never happened.

Creating a Warmer Welcome

I started to wonder if we would use the bench more in winter if it was simply made cozier and more appealing.  So I decided to give it a try.

This is not the most practical idea I’ve ever come up with.  After all, even though the porch is covered, the fabric used on the bench would still be exposed to some winter weather.

But if I used a truly weatherproof fabric, it would not feel warm and comfortable, which would defeat the purpose.

So I went to Goodwill on Black Friday and for a song I bought a used sweater to convert into a soft pillow and a green fleece throw to convert into a cushion cover.

winter decorations - textile closeup

And if the weather has its way with them, oh well.  They are expendable.

For the holidays, I combined them with a Christmas pillow and a red throw.


After the holidays, they can be combined with other accessories and continue to create a warm and welcoming look for visitors – and us.

It’s day one of the new look, and Priscilla the Cat is already using the bench more.  We will see if her humans follow suit.

From Scraps to Sachets

The leftover sweater scraps were kind of charming and calling out to be used for something.

So I made these sachets with them for stocking stuffers.


I used slices of scented soap to fill them.

It’s fun to repurpose old items.  I’m planning more projects like this with other used fabrics.

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Projects in this post were sewn with my Brother CS6000i sewing machine.

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