Winter Floral Designs: Three Easy Ways

After the excess of the holidays, I always crave a neat, uncluttered look for my winter floral arrangements.  I’m not quite ready for the flowers of spring, I just want a little green in the house to liven things up.

For these three arrangements, I used containers that I will want to re-use later for other projects, so I filled them with artificial greens. This way, there is no guilt or replanting involved when I want to rotate the greens out later in favor of something else.

So have you got a few minutes?  That’s all you would need to make these easy winter arrangements.


I just love the buttoned-up look of topiaries.  Here is one that never needs watering or pruning.

Winter floral designs: topiary

The little white urn is perfect for more formal looks.  I used it for a very simple hydrangea arrangement last fall.

I got a ball-shaped artificial green from the craft store, as well as some preserved moss for the base of the container.  To make the trunk look more realistic, I used a real tree twig.  Some floral foam holds it all together under the moss.

topiary ingredients

To cut the floral foam into a shape that would fit into the white urn, I used the same electric carving knife that I used to cut the foam when I reupholstered my dining chairs.

This knife has become dedicated for use in crafts. It never sees the kitchen anymore.


The foam is set into the urn, and the “trunk” of the topiary is pushed securely into the foam on the bottom, and the topiary ball on top.  Then the moss is set around the base of the trunk.

Air Plant Terrarium

I had a live air plant for several years and I killed it recently by moving its location slightly.  This artificial one doesn’t care where I put it.

Winter floral designs: terrarium

I used the same small thrift store fishbowl that I used for my Thanksgiving centerpiece and my Christmas angel vignette.

I used decorative pebbles from the craft store plus, as a top layer, small bits of sea glass and shells that I collected over the years.

terrarium ingredients

Fern Urn

This arrangement is ideal for shallow spaces since the ferns fan out horizontally yet stay flat, almost two-dimensional.

Winter f loral designs: ferns in urn

For this one, I used a tall narrow urn (again, a thrift store find), some artificial ferns from the craft store, the preserved moss around the base, and florist foam inside the urn to hold it all together.

fern ingredients

It took a little time to get the supplies together for these arrangements, but the actual time of arranging them was probably a half hour for all three.

Three winter floral designs


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And if you don’t have time to troll the thrift stores for the containers:

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